About the Madman

When I started making games, I reached out to a friend of mine to help me. After hearing my ideas on making a game company, he told me that I was really a Madman. I joked around with him by adding the ''or two'' part. My friend didn't become part of the company, but the name has stuck.
Now a little about me. My name is Zack, I have been making games since 2014. The first game I ever attempted to make was ''Escape from Hell'' a game based on different mythologies and was modeled after Dante's Inferno. This was going to be a huge board game with over 100 unique monsters. This game was never meant to be. The art took far to long to finish while the mechanics fell apart at almost every test.  I had to put that game on the back burner. I might come back to it.
While I was waiting for the art for Escape from Hell, I started to work on Moonshine Run. While I was developing Moonshine Run, I also developed a relationship with my now ex-wife. But when Moonshine Run was successfully funded on Kickstarter, my daughter turned one. I'm not always with my daughter, but she will always be with me.
Since Moonshine Run, I have created 2 more games, SPLAT!!! and Mini-RPG. Sick Days was originally created by Arch Nemesis games and when he couldn't continue to make games, he didn't want to waist what he had created. I took over that project and have added it to the Kids of Patterson Street line up. The newest game that I'm working on is Vampire Manor.
For the Future!!!
I am looking for a partner who knows how to program to join the Games by a Madman or Two team. In the next five years, I plan to have 2 or 3 phone apps developed and launched. I have one MMORPG in my mind, that will take a team of at least 10 people. Who knows, it might be as big as World of Warcraft. Only time will tell. If you're a programmer, a designer, an editor, a writer, or an artist and wish to work with us, let me know. I will look over your skills and get back to you with a partnership offer.

Contact Games by a Madman or Two

I try to reply as quickly as I can, but I'm a little slow on the website replies. If you need a quick answer, give me a shout through Facebook, Twitter or a direct email to amadmanortwo@gmail.com I tend to reply quickly at those.
​If you wish to contact me about Printing, Game Submissions, or Advertisement opportunities, send me an email directly.

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