It's always a good idea to wear protection while playing some dangerous games. SPLAT lets you worry less about getting paint on your clothes and more about how you can mess over your opponents. Come join the kids of Patterson Street as they embark on another adventure.


SPLAT!!! is a quick 2-8 player strategy card game. In SPLAT!!! you have to survive a game of paint ball against other players. To do this, you must cover your opponents in paint before they can cover you up. There are some cards that are able to help you out and clean off some of that paint, and there is even a way to cheat the system and align four of any color to win. But, don't be obsessed with victory, watch your back for defeat. 


Note about the name SPLAT!!! is in homage to Splatter Con!!!

from Harry Dresden, since I am a huge fan of his works. 


Kickstarter is set to relaunch in February of 2019.

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  • 108 cards in the deck. 63 Unique designs. 

  • 8 Unique players to choose from. 

  • 2-8 players with an average play time of 30 minutes.

  • Simple, easy-to-understand rules and gameplay. 

  • Humorous fun for all!

SPLAT!!! Games by a Madman or Two

The rules for SPLAT!!! are simple, but don't let that fool you. There is a chance for winning or losing in almost every round.

Rule 1: Select a starting Player and Character Cards.

There are eight characters to choose from. Angel, Bubbles, Davey, Flower, Shaggy, Belma, Jack, and Genny.

Rule 2: Shuffle the Deck and deal out Four Cards (max hand) to each player.

Rule 3: Each turn, going counterclockwise, a player plays a card and then draws up to Max Hand.

Rule 4: Playing a card deals color damage to a player card. Color fills their card in order from 1-16.

Rule 5: When a characters card is full, that player loses. Last one remaining with empty spaces wins the game.

Rule 6: If a character gets four of the same colors in a line (row, column or diagonal) or one of all 8 colors, that player wins, even if it that color would have lost him the game.

Rule 7: Each character has favorite colors. A player can discard 2 points of their characters favorite color to avoid being hit by another players attack.

How to Play SPAT!!!

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