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Greetings from the Madmen.

October, 24 2018

Good news! After the unsuccessful launch of the last Kickstarter, Games by a Madman or Two has collaborated with the original SPLAT artist to update the design of the cards. We excitedly await the recolored designs for SPLAT in the next few weeks.

Aside from the art, we are also collaborating with Starcat Games, in order to improve the Kickstarter page. Among other things, we are hoping to achieve a clearer communication of our games’ contents, as well as a more refined look and smoother image. In light of this, we are looking to launch the next campaign in March or early-April. The next Kickstarter, will feature added extras exclusive to those who offer us their support during the Kickstarter (hint: stick it on your car window in support of the Kids of Patterson Street!)

Moonshine Run

Moonshine Run is a "press your luck" card game, set during the American prohibition era. You are a moonshine runner and you have to collect the moonshine from different stashes around the mountain. Your objective is to collect as much moonshine as you can within six rounds; but watch out as your opponents can play special cards against you to steal what you have collected. 


Mini-RPG is a throwback to the original D&D. You will embark on an adventure into a dungeon to slay monsters. Challenge the dungeon as a solo-adventurer or as a group. The Dungeon Master will allow you twenty minutes to get in and get out with as many kills as you can accomplish within that time. The winner is the player who can collect the most kills in the set time, without being killed themselves. 

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